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Sigrid Rostad

Wavy Colour Gradient Glass Vase 01 – Transparent-Brown

Wavy Colour Gradient Glass Vase 01 – Transparent-Brown

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The Norwegian glassblower Sigrid Rostad adds a very special character to each of her mouth-blown vases. Wavy, organic shapes and a rich colour palette flow through all her glasswork, yet she uses them differently for each individual vase. Like in this one-of-a-kind vase with an organic shape. In normal daylight, the brown gradient vase is a beautiful sculptural object in an intense brown that looks great with or without flowers. Bathed in sunlight, the vase presents yet another striking beauty: Thanks to the colour gradient, the glass now glows in different intense, warm brown shades and creates flowing, warm reflections.

Sigrid Rostad creates beautiful, modern designs using the traditional medium of glassblowing. She draws inspiration from nature, interior design, and design, particularly minimalist Scandinavian design, colours and the material itself – an eclectic mix that is beautifully reflected in her work, with each vase having its individual flowing and organic shape. The glass artist creates these while the glass is still in a soft, liquid state during the manufacturing process. Later, when the glass hardens, it still retains the waves and some of the dynamic quality of liquid glass as it interacts with its environment, capturing and holding the light. 

Due to their manual production, no two vases are identical, but each is unique: shapes and dimensions, surfaces and details such as small bubbles vary slightly in each of the glassblower’s vases. These are intentional and a sign of handcrafted quality. Each vase is signed by Sigrid Rostad.

Material: glass
Colour: transparent-brown gradient
Dimensions: height: 23 cm, diameter bottom: 12 cm, outer diameter top: 9 cm

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    – Care: Wash by hand in lukewarm water with a little bit of soap and then wipe dry to avoid water stains.

    – Do not pour hot or boiling water into the glass vase.


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