To ensure a safe and pleasant burning experience, please follow these safety and care instructions when burning the candle. Labelling of candles according to EN 15494:

– Never leave a burning candle unattended.
– Keep away from things that can catch fire.
– Keep away from children and pets.
– Use a heat resistant candleholder.
– Keep candles at least 10 cm apart.
– Do not burn in a draught.
– Do not place near a heat source.
– Place candle upright.
– Trim wick to 1 cm.
– Snuff out the flame. Do not blow it out.
– Keep the liquid wax and wax pool free from matches and debris.
– Do not move a burning candle.
– Never use liquid to extinguish.
– Use suitable containers for liquefying candles.
– Remove packaging before use.
– Trim edge if higher than 1 cm.

Additional instructions:
– Ventilate the room after use.
– Avoid direct inhalation of any smoke.

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