Flatlay of Different Handmade Sculptural Candles Made from White and Yellow Beeswax

ZENZI Objects

Candle making from Berlin, Germany

ZENZI Object is the name of this platform and also the brand behind the sculptural candles made of natural waxes, both founded by me, Teresa Köster. On this page you will get an insight into how the candles are made. If you want to know more about the whole idea of this online shop, please head over to the About page. 

All ZENZI Objects candles start with a specially made sculptural model. With the help of these models, I create silicone moulds that are later used for the candle casting. To make the candles, the wax is first heated and then the melted wax is poured into the moulds where it slowly cools. For the final touch, each candle is finished by hand. 

The quality and origin of the waxes are important to me: Only high-quality, natural waxes are used for the candles. Both the yellow and the white waxes are pure, unadulterated beeswaxes. These are cleaned and pastilled from different harvest regions here in Europe, being produced in candle quality according to RAL.

A warm, natural yellow characterises the yellow beeswax used for the candles and features its typical honey scent. For those who prefer plainer wax colours, I also offer candles made of bleached white beeswax. 

Over time, the yellow wax candles in particular can oxidise, especially when exposed to cooler air, which means that the surface of the wax becomes misted or gets a white oxidation layer. This can be easily wiped off with a cloth – and is a sign that the wax is genuine, unadulterated beeswax. Please also do not expose the yellow beeswax to direct sunlight, otherwise it will fade naturally. 

To ensure a safe and pleasant burning experience, please follow these safety and care instructions when burning the candle (click here).

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